Quick Pay

  • Quick Pay is an automated phone system that allows callers to make payments 24/7.
  • Quick Pay works with any phone, anytime, anywhere.
  • Quick Pay uses professional female recorded voice prompts.
  • Quick Pay supports mobile payments without needing the Internet or Swipe Machine.

Quick Pay Features:

  • Collects Payments 24/7 without live agents
  • Accepts all Major Credit Cards and Checking
  • Seamless Integration with any Phone System
  • Supports Unlimited Concurrent Calls
  • Studio Quality Voice Recorded Prompts
  • Automatically Capture Caller ID, Time and Date
  • Internet, Software, Hardware, or Smartphone Not Required
  • Real-time Payment Processing and Gateway Integration
  • Allow Customer to Enter Their Own Payment Amount
  • Generates Special File to Import to your Accounting System
  • Deposits Funds into your Bank Account Daily
  • Integrated Bill Reminder and Auto-Dialing Feature (optional)

Quick Pay supports the following payment gateways:

  • Stripe.com
  • Authorize.net

Quick Pay automatically collects the following details over the telephone:

Automatic Items:

  • Caller ID (auto insert)
  • Time and Date (auto insert)
  • Location ID (auto login)

Optional Items:

  • Full Name and Email (voice)
  • Customer ID (optional)
  • Invoice Number (optional)

Required Items:

  • Customer Phone*
  • Dollar Amount*
  • Card Number*
  • Card Exp Date*
  • Card Security Code*
  • Billing Zip Code*
  • Making Payments Using Quick Pay is Fast and Easy
  • Average Call Time is less than 2 Minutes

Quick Pay is an ideal solution for call centers wanting to be PCI compliant. Quick Pay is an excellent solution for any business requiring mobile payments without access to the Internet or a card swipe machine.  Get Started Today!