Bill Reminder

Have Customers Who Need to Pay a Bill? With our Automated Bill Reminder, your collections just got a whole lot easier!

Bill Reminder is designed for those looking for easy automated (outbound dialer) to call and remind customers of past due payments and then give the option to connect to your Pay by Phone service and make a payment, or connect to a Live Operator for assistance. Bill Reminder is geared for those who need assistance with billing and collections without all the headaches of making the calls, sending out invoices, collecting payments and making deposits.


  • Automated Outbound Dialer that connects your clients with any Pay by Phone services
  • Live Operators, or any other location.
  • Ability to zero out and connect to live operators if needed
  • Collect Payments Automatically with very little effort on your part.

What Exactly Does the Bill Reminder Do?

  • Calls and Give Friendly Reminder to Customers who are Past Due
  • Tell Customers How Much They Owe
  • Transfer/Connect your customers to an automated payment processing system
  • Collects and processes checking or credit card payments in real-time
  • Transfers callers to live operator by pressing 0
  • Takes voicemail messages and send to your email address
  • Logs each outbound call and its status
  • Send report of Completed, Busy, No Answer, Left Message, Answering Machine, etc.

How Does Automated Bill Reminder Work? By integrating our Outbound Dialing System with our Payment Processing System we have created an Automated Bill Reminder. We a simple to use launch dialer wizard to make it easy to start your campaigns.  We give you a web page that allow you to enter, upload, or cut n paste numbers to be dialed. We insert this information into our outbound dialer including phone numbers, custom id, and past due amounts. Next our outbound dialer calls numbers on the collections.txt list and then offers whatever options you want to your clients. Our outbound dialer connects to your customers to the Pay by Phone system and reads out the past due balance and gives the option to make a payment by using check or credit card.

Outbound Dialer Report – Tracking Details: Total Calls Dialed Total Calls Completed Total Calls Answered Total Faxes Detected Total Calls Answer Machine Total Calls No Answer Total Calls Busy Total Calls Failed Outbound List Management Included Automated Data Imports Included Studio Recorded Voice Talent Included

The perfect complement to our Pay by Phone service. Bill Reminder reminds customers to pay their bill by calling with a friendly reminder and option to press 1 to make a Pay by Phone payment.