Pay by Phone

  • Pay by Phone allows existing customers to make payments 24/7 using any touch-tone phone.
  • Pay by Phone is the ideal solution for businesses collecting past due balances from an existing customer base.
  • Pay by Phone allows callers to enter customer id or invoice number and receive current balance due.
  • Pay by Phone is PCI compliant which makes it a great solution for securing payments over the telephone.
  • Pay by Phone is a custom branded solution that answers in your company name.
  • Create your own custom voice questions for the ultimate in flexibility.

Pay by Phone Features:

  • Collects Payments 24/7 without live agents
  • Accepts all Major Credit Cards and Checking
  • Seamless Integration with any Phone System
  • Supports Unlimited Concurrent Calls
  • Dedicated Local or Toll Free Number with Each Account
  • Customize Auto-Attendant and Menu Options
  • Live Call Transfers and Zero Out to Live Operators
  • Customized Voice Prompts
  • Company Branding Included
  • Studio Quality Voice Recorded Prompts
  • Automatically Capture Caller ID, Time and Date
  • Collect Contact, Order, Shipping, and Payment Detail
  • Real-time Payment Processing and Gateway Integration
  • Give Customers Their Balance Due and Auto Insert Balance Due
  • Allow Customer to Enter Their Own Payment Amount (within specified range)
  • Convenience Fee (Add-A-Fee) Feature with Approved Voice Authorization
  • Generates Special File to Import to your Accounting System
  • Deposits Funds into your Bank Account Daily
  • Integrated Automated Bill Reminder and Auto Dialer Feature
  • Integrated Reverse 411 Address Lookup (optional)
  • Human Transcription of Shipping Addresses (optional)
  • Integrated with Shipping and Fulfillment Companies (optional)

Pay by Phone Benefits:

  • Professionalism provide by quality Voice Talent
  • Flexibility to support any Merchant Accounts
  • Compatibility with all carriers and all types of phones, (digital, analog, voip)
  • Availability of Services 24/7
  • Security and Peace of Mind of PCI Compliance
  • Customized and Branded in Your Own Name
  • Expertise of a Phone Company, Internet Provider, and IVR Host

Pay by Phone supports the following payment gateways:

  • CyberSource
  • First Data
  • Elavon
  • Forte
  • E-Processing Network
  • Linkpoint
  • Meritus
  • Pay Junction
  • PayPal Pro
  • more coming soon…

Pay by Phone automatically collects following items over the telephone:

  • Caller ID (captures)
  • Time and Date (auto insert)
  • Customer ID (required)
  • Invoice Number (optional)
  • Customers Name (optional)
  • Customer Phone (optional)
  • Dollar Amount (auto insert) or (enter amount)
  • Card Number*
  • Card Exp Date*
  • Card Security Code*
  • Billing Zip Code*

Pay by Phone is the perfect solution for all businesses with accounts receivables, or customers who owe a past due balance. Pay by Phone will read out billing date and balance due, then accept payment.

Pay by Phone